We offer help in information and asset management through training and access to software for professionals with a view to develop professionally.

Whether via lack of expertise, uncertainty or lack of flexibility prior to a recession or problems inherent In the business affecting its future, assistance in selling assets are improving cash flows may be required.

In the worst case some of these entities and their assets are subject to insolvency proceedings by intervention of professionals of the insolvency administration with the aim of maximizing the profitability of their assets and subsequent payment to the various creditors.

We offer assistance, help in redirecting your business and ultimately help manage assets. In accordance with the liquidation plan, working together with bankruptcy lawyers.

By means of tested and operable work methodologies, together with effective tools and an external contracting in the field of action, we offer an international and multi-currency platform specialised in optimising the profitability of these assets, in the 2.0 trade.

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