Through a contract between two independent parties: NGA and the bidder. On the one hand, the licensor (NGA International Ltd.) grants the right - license to use its trademark and tools, for a specific time and place.

Currently, it is the most effective form of contract to strengthen competition between bankruptcy lawyers and companies, saving time and increasing performance in asset management.

Through this agreement, companies can grow and expand without the need to make a large capital investment.

In addition, from NGA we maintain, monitor permanently the operation of any franchise, in this way we ensure effective operations in accordance with the requirements requested by the bankruptcy administration sector.

NGA provides everything necessary to start the business as long as the territory of the license is not previously occupied by another active licensee.

We demand from our licensees just the necessary to ensure success. You only have to invest in your operations, in accordance to the license, in the place where you will carry out the activity and be responsible for the hiring of the personnel, we shall do the rest.

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